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Weekday Discount Coupon
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Who are eligible to get a coupon?
   If you have recently contacted us, you are eligible. Make sure to ask about it when you talk to one of our Reservation Specialist.
2. When can I use the coupon?
   You can use the coupon when you book any weekday, 6 months from the date the coupon was issued. Weekdays are from Mondays through Thursdays.
3. When should I book?
   You may book a month before your preferred weekday. Resorts are subject to availability, so make sure to follow our Reservation Guidelines (link to FAQ on reservations) when booking.
4. How do I receive the coupon?
   The coupon will be sent to you via the email you have provided to us.
5. How do I use the coupon when booking?
   Simply provide the code that goes with your coupon. The reservation Specialist will then apply the corresponding discount of your preferred resort.
6. What are the discounted rates?
   You may find the discounted rates below.
*Coupon is only valid upon booking any weekday of participating resorts.
*One coupon per weekday only.
*This promo still follows our Reservation Guidelines.
Be sure to check this page for additional resorts, giving out discounted weekday rates.