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The Inheritance Resort Cabs 1 Unit

Private Resort   |   Springdale Garden Subdivision, Libis, Lalakay, Los Banos, Laguna  
Photo Disclaimer: Photos are for reference purposes only, actual condition/color/style may vary. The specifications of resort is correct at the date of upload but may be subject to change as necessary and without notice. Please ask our reservation specialist for more details of the resort. We highly recommend that you do an ocular visit before making a deposit.


A modern asian inspired hot spring resort located at Springdale Garden Subdivision, Lalakay, Los Banos, Laguna.
The resort is situated almost at the foot of famous Mt. Makiling. There are a few private resorts for rent around the corner that makes it less populated and restful. The beautiful scenery of the mountain, the fresh morning breeze, the peaceful surroundings, the minimalist design of the rooms with white beddings make it distinctly relaxing and pleasant to spend time with loved ones, friends, colleagues and the like. Pool is well maintained, the rooms are always clean and new for every guest.


Strict adherence to a minimum of 2-3 hour interval rule before and after each reservation is always observed.

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