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Amore Mio Resort

Private Resort   |   Barangay Masili, Calamba City, Laguna  
Photo Disclaimer: Photos are for reference purposes only, actual condition/color/style may vary. The specifications of resort is correct at the date of upload but may be subject to change as necessary and without notice. Please ask our reservation specialist for more details of the resort. We highly recommend that you do an ocular visit before making a deposit.


Amore Mio is a hot spring private pool located at Bagong Kalsada, Calamba City, Laguna.
The alluring ambience of the resort makes it more comfy and relaxing to spend time with friends, colleagues and family. The landscaped garden and the pool's lighting and fountains at night are equally pleasurable in the eyes. The place is big enough to accommodate a max of 45 people with comfortable sleeping capacity of 14pax, good to celebrate occasions such as birthdays, team buildings and Christening.