Duplex Mart + Villa (Villa 3)

Private Resort   |   Park Merced Village, Barangay Lalakay, Los Banos, Laguna  
Photo Disclaimer: Photos are for reference purposes only, actual condition/color/style may vary. The specifications of resort is correct at the date of upload but may be subject to change as necessary and without notice. Please ask our reservation specialist for more details of the resort. We highly recommend that you do an ocular visit before making a deposit.


Duplex Mart + Villa 3 private resort is located at Park Merced Village, Lalakay, Los Banos, Laguna. It has a convenience store open 24/7. Just like Duplex Hot Spring Villa 1 and Villa 2, this Modern Zen inspired private pool is accentuated with a youthful and bright colours. If you are looking for a lively and modern ambience to chill and have fun, this resort suits you best. Delight as you enjoy various amenities such as billiards, table tennis, pool basket ball and many more.