Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Policies on Reservation

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What are the Inquiry and Reservation Office hours?

    A: Our Reservation Specialists may accept calls from Mondays through Fridays, 8:00 AM to 7:00PM, and Saturdays, 8:00AM to 5:00PM. Beyond office hours, you may place your inquiry by clicking on the "Inquire Availability" button found at the resort's profile page and fill-in the pop-out inquiry form. You may also send us a text message indicating the following details of reservation:     Resort name
        Date that you wish to book
        Time of check-in and check-out
    Our Reservation Specialists will get back to you on the next working day.

  • Q: Is there any standard time of stay in the resort?

    Yes, all resorts observe the following regular hours of stay:
        Day Session: 8am to 5pm
        11-HR Overnight: 7pm to 6am
        22-HR Overnight: 7pm to 5pm / 8am to 6am.
    Any reservation outside these hours is subject to a different applicable rate.

  • Q: When is the peak season?

    A: Although the usual period is from January to June and December, the peak season may vary per resort depending on the resort's discretion, and may change without prior notice. Resort rates normally increase during peak season especially on Holy Week, due to an increase in demand. It is best to ask our Reservation Specialists to be guided on the correct applicable rate.

  • Q: How will I know that I successfully reserved the resort?

    A: Pay the required 100% full payment ASAP. First-to-deposit-gets-the-reservation policy applies.

  • Q: What if we need assistance during our stay in the resort?

    A: A user-friendly location map will be provided along with the reservation ticket to aid you in locating the resort.

How to Reserve

  1. Follow the SMS / text instructions you will receive accordingly.
  2. To confirm your reservation, a 100% CASH full payment should be made within the four-hour holding period during off-peak season, and two-hour holding period during peak season.
    Bank: BDO, Metrobank, or BPI - Los Baños, Laguna Branch
    Account Type: Savings Account
    Account Name: LagunaResorts Group, Inc.
    Account No.: 00X1XX-2XX5-XX (upon request)

  3. Should you exceed the allowable time, please inquire the availability again.
  4. Send us a scanned copy of the deposit slip thru Viber or email it to us at as soon as soon as possible.
  5. Once the deposit is validated, LagunaResorts will send you a confirmation email enclosing the reservation ticket and location map.
  6. Have fun during your stay!

Important Notes


  • The first to deposit gets the reservation.
  • The availability of the resort may change without prior notice. The resort is available on the time of your inquiry but may no longer be available the next few hours.
  • Most of the resorts accept 22-HR session preferably 7PM-5PM during Fridays to Sundays, Holidays and peak season.
  • Check deposit, international remittance or electronic fund transfer that requires clearing period will only be accepted 5 banking days before your date of check in.


  • Cancellations made at least 19 days prior checking in: LagunaResorts Group, Inc. (LRGI) will refund only 80% of the total rate to the Guest.
  • Cancellations made 18 to 10 days prior checking in: LRGI will refund only 50% of the total rate to the Guest.
  • 'No show' and cancellations made 9 to 0 days prior check-in are non rebookable, non refundable/cancellable, and non transferable to another resort.
  • Rebooking made 19-10 days prior checking in are allowed without additional charges. LRGI will require the guests to provide the new dates within 24 hours upon their request to rebook. The new dates must be within 60 days from the original schedule. The guests are not allowed to downgrade their reservation (e.g. changing from 22-hr session to 11-hr session is not allowed). Rebooking is applicable only on the same resort that was initially booked. Rebooking is subject to availability, rate differences (i.e. peak/non-peak weekend/weekday rate is observed), and is only allowed once.


  • Upon check-in, present a printed or soft copy of this Reservation Ticket together with your valid ID.
  • Settle your outstanding balance by handing it over to the resort’s staff. CASH ONLY.
  • The Location Map is provided along with the LR ticket to guide you as you go to the resort.
  • Every resort has it's own staff, please do not hesitate to direct your needs to them.
  • There is an existing City/Municipal Ordinance regulating the use of karaoke between 8AM-10PM. To avoid being apprehended, reduce the volume of the karaoke or any other form of loud noises.

  • Time of check-in/out is strictly implemented.
  • The Resort will issue the official receipt. The Guest is solely responsible in securing a copy before leaving the resort.

  • Majority of the resorts do not provide blankets, kitchen and eating utensils.
  • Some resorts may have an extra charge for the use of LPG, water dispenser, jacuzzi, etc. This may be settled at the resort.
  • Disclaimer

    • Photos at LagunaResorts Website/Facebook are for reference purposes only. Actual condition, color, style may vary. The specifications of resort are correct at the date of upload but may change as necessary and without notice. We highly recommend that you do an ocular visit before making a deposit.
    • is not responsible for any reservations made with another person aside from our RESERVATION SPECIALIST. For your security, deal only with the following contact details: mobile nos: +63 917 713 9377, +63 917 577 7665 or +63 998 961 3426 ; emails:,
    • is not responsible for any loss, damage, or any unforeseen instances during your stay. Usage of any other utilities that are not included in the initial agreement will be charged extra.